BGRSD speech and award acceptance



It felt like the grammy’s honestly. I knew that I was going to be honored and would receive an
award, but as soon as they began to introduce me I became nervous as hell. What many of you
don’t know about me is that deep down inside I’m that same little girl from the deep south who
is crazy afraid of crowds and I have to literally give myself a pep talk when it comes to parties,
baby showers, ummm and even workshops and seminars! With that being said I talked myself
out of attending the event at least a couple dozen times. Funny how my better half could see
the uneasiness in my face in the up and coming hours until show time and dismissed every
excuse I uttered.

So the presenter said something to the effect of, “Introducing to some and mentioning to
others The TransformHer owner/operator of Fitness Is My Sickness and what seemed like a run
from the audience on The Price is Right I scurried down to the stage. I must admit the beginning
was a bit similar to a pair of knobby knees but as I began to share my journey, my why, my
passion the knobby-kneed speech transitioned into smooth sailing. I’ll attach my acceptance
speech down below, watch it and let me know what you think.

What happened is the epitome of exactly what this Fit lifestyle embodies. It gave me courage,
my life flashed before my eyes as I rushed that stage and I thought to myself hell, if I could stay
determined, encouraged and display pure grit for over five years building this business and in
my own personal fitness journey I was going to make this acceptance speech my BITCH and that
my dear hearts is what I did! Well, not quite but my message was well received.

Needless to say, the night was epic and I felt like I am really making a difference in the lives of
women within the community and in the interim I realized there is more work to be done! I
want women like you to realize that a healthy lifestyle and an exercise regimen gives you
courage, affords you determination and the ability to make anything in life your BITCH!

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