Interview with nutrition coach Danielle Jones

Hi, guys I had an opportunity to check out Danielle Jones of Dareme_Danielle a rising nutrition coach who is taking home meal prepping to another level!!

The interview questions: I know you love health & women’s wellness, but tell me what’s your expertise?

My expertise is coaching women through the eating portion of their health journey. I work to ensure they are eating nutrient-rich food, not just what we have deemed “healthy”. I give variety & take healthy meals for dull to delicious! I offer nutritional coaching & menus to assist in their weight loss journey or help in their journey to maintain what they have already lost.

Why & how did you get started?

I got started because one day my husband & I️ will begin trying to conceive a little one. Since I am on the older side of childbearing age I wanted to make sure my body was healthy & clear of all the unhealthy things I’ve input into it. Once I begin to learn how eating can assist in preventing so many health issues that some of my family & friends have struggled with, I wanted to share the information with whoever would listen. I specialize in women because I can relate to the struggles & know about the insecurities we have. I know how important it is for us as caregivers to be healthy for ourselves & for our family!

What are 5 tips for women who are tired of the everyday meal prep?

  • 1. Season your food with herbs. A lot of people don’t think to season because they are trying to stay healthy & are laying off the sodium. Herbs are good for you & take those healthy meals for Dull to delicious!
  • 2. Make alternating meals so you don’t get bored with the same lunch every day. Monday Wednesday have the same & Tuesday Thursday have something different. Make it fun on Friday.
  • 3. Make your meals colorful. Have a least 3 colors in each meal. This makes it appetizing not only to eat but to your eyes as well. Eating colorful foods also adds more nutrients to each meal.
  • 4. Get creative. Every meal doesn’t have to have rice. Quinoa has a lot more nutrients. Kale tastes better, to some, when it’s cooked so try a cooked kale salad. Think low calorie but also think of nutrient-rich foods.
  • 5. Treat yourself. Think of your favorite unhealthy food & try to make a healthy alternative. Just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have what you like. Also, if you want a sweet treat, get a small piece of dark chocolate, fun or bite size. Eat it slow & enjoy it. Having one piece will not take away from your weight loss goals & it will kill a craving that will soon decrease once you start eating healthy regularly.

What are your next goals?

My next goals. I want to continue to help women make better eating choices by proving delicious meal plans. I also plan to have a cooking session with a few ladies where I️ cook & they taste to give them a better idea of how herbs really make a difference when cooking. I️’m also looking to start a podcast, about health & wellness, women in business, & overall women empowerment, very soon so be on the lookout for that!


Instagram: dareme_danielle

Facebook page: Dare me, Danielle

5 Health Benefits of Strawberries

If you’re not already a fan of strawberries, you should be. Strawberries are among the most popular berries consumed worldwide. Strawberries are called ‘the queen of fruits’ in Asian countries because it’s packed with health benefits. Nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidants (like vitamin C), strawberries offer a wide range of health benefits, some of which may surprise you. Listed below are 5 reasons you should have strawberries in your diet.



1. Cardiovascular Health:

Strawberries are amazing for heart health. They contain ellagic acid and flavonoids which improve heart health through their antioxidant effects. They also counteract the effects of low-density lipoprotein or LDL (the bad cholesterol in our blood which causes plaque build-up in the arteries), thus lowering the risk of heart disease.

2. Weight Loss:

Strawberries are low in sugar, calories, sodium, and are fat-free. The natural sugars contained in strawberries are  4 grams per serving. They also contain nitrates which promote blood flow and oxygen throughout the body, resulting in weight loss. Nitrates also prevent fatigue in muscles after a  workout.

3. Pre-natal Health:

Strawberries are a good source of folate, a B vitamin required by pregnant women or those trying to conceive. Folate is vital in the early stages of pregnancy for the development of the baby’s brain, skull, spinal cord, and for the prevention of certain birth defects.

4. Anti-ageing:

Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C which is involved in the production of collagen. By fighting the free radicals, it provides anti-aging benefits, thereby reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and minimizing blemishes.

5. Cancer Prevention:

Vitamin C in strawberries helps in cancer prevention by boosting our immunity. They also contain a phytochemical called ellagic acid which has anti-cancer properties that suppress cancer cell growth.