Interview with nutrition coach Danielle Jones

Hi, guys I had an opportunity to check out Danielle Jones of Dareme_Danielle a rising nutrition coach who is taking home meal prepping to another level!!

The interview questions: I know you love health & women’s wellness, but tell me what’s your expertise?

My expertise is coaching women through the eating portion of their health journey. I work to ensure they are eating nutrient-rich food, not just what we have deemed “healthy”. I give variety & take healthy meals for dull to delicious! I offer nutritional coaching & menus to assist in their weight loss journey or help in their journey to maintain what they have already lost.

Why & how did you get started?

I got started because one day my husband & I️ will begin trying to conceive a little one. Since I am on the older side of childbearing age I wanted to make sure my body was healthy & clear of all the unhealthy things I’ve input into it. Once I begin to learn how eating can assist in preventing so many health issues that some of my family & friends have struggled with, I wanted to share the information with whoever would listen. I specialize in women because I can relate to the struggles & know about the insecurities we have. I know how important it is for us as caregivers to be healthy for ourselves & for our family!

What are 5 tips for women who are tired of the everyday meal prep?

  • 1. Season your food with herbs. A lot of people don’t think to season because they are trying to stay healthy & are laying off the sodium. Herbs are good for you & take those healthy meals for Dull to delicious!
  • 2. Make alternating meals so you don’t get bored with the same lunch every day. Monday Wednesday have the same & Tuesday Thursday have something different. Make it fun on Friday.
  • 3. Make your meals colorful. Have a least 3 colors in each meal. This makes it appetizing not only to eat but to your eyes as well. Eating colorful foods also adds more nutrients to each meal.
  • 4. Get creative. Every meal doesn’t have to have rice. Quinoa has a lot more nutrients. Kale tastes better, to some, when it’s cooked so try a cooked kale salad. Think low calorie but also think of nutrient-rich foods.
  • 5. Treat yourself. Think of your favorite unhealthy food & try to make a healthy alternative. Just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have what you like. Also, if you want a sweet treat, get a small piece of dark chocolate, fun or bite size. Eat it slow & enjoy it. Having one piece will not take away from your weight loss goals & it will kill a craving that will soon decrease once you start eating healthy regularly.

What are your next goals?

My next goals. I want to continue to help women make better eating choices by proving delicious meal plans. I also plan to have a cooking session with a few ladies where I️ cook & they taste to give them a better idea of how herbs really make a difference when cooking. I️’m also looking to start a podcast, about health & wellness, women in business, & overall women empowerment, very soon so be on the lookout for that!


Instagram: dareme_danielle

Facebook page: Dare me, Danielle

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