Want A Great 6 Pack? Here’s How…

At one point in time, every last one of us passionately wanted a chiseled rock-hard midsection. We all want to know how to get great 6 pack abs.
At one point in time, every last one of us passionately wanted a chiseled rock-hard midsection. We all want to know how to get great 6 pack abs. Well here is one of the best-kept secrets. It is the most coveted body part, the symbol of sexuality. In study after study researchers and health specialist alike have found that decreasing fat in your abdomen and waist to hip ratio is the single most significant step that you can take to stay healthy for life, and age gracefully. Most of us have given up on the idea because of our quest because we’ve fallen short time and time again. We have been flooded with miss-information from fad diets, fat burner supplements, to exercise gadgets, promoting six-week transformations with dramatic before and after photos, etc. The key to that coveted six pack is not one thing, it is four things.
Bringing your body-fat level down by:
1.) Following a precise Fitness Is My Sickness nutrition plan that has the right amount of protein combined together with the right amount and the right type of carbohydrates spaced strategically throughout the day and around weight training and cardio sessions.
2.) An intelligent cardiovascular program
3.) An optimistic athletic mid-set
4.) Building up the muscles of the mid-section, and building up all other muscle groups
In this article let’s focus on #4.
The secret weapon for developing the musculature of the abdominal wall is a little-known exercise called the ab vacuum. It targets your innermost abdominal muscle, the transverse abdominis (TVA for short). Most people don’t even know they have one let alone how to activate it. The TVA is like a corset, it is your own internal weight belt, holding your internal organs in place. It is the foundation for the rest of the abdominal muscles, the internal and external obliques, and the rectus abdominis. If you have done crunches and leg-lifts until you are blue in the face and are still unhappy with your midsection, this information could take your quest for that fit chiseled mid-section to the next level.
There are other benefits to strengthening your TVA.
 It is the only exercise that has the ability to actually make your waist-line smaller.
*By working and strengthening the TVA you are actually giving your spine more support, so the risk of vertebrae or a disc slipping out of place is less. Did you notice that the old leather weight belts are not used anymore? That’s because we learned to tighten up our own internal weight belt on exercises versus using an external weight belt that shut off the need to activate the TVA which lead to injuries.
 *Better sex. When you strengthen your TVA with the ab vacuum exercise you will be using your diaphragm and you will also strengthen your lower pelvic floor muscles (ex. a kegel squeeze). To perform a Kegel exercise, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles as if you’re trying to stop the flow of urine mid-stream. Stronger pelvic floor muscles help women achieve orgasms and help men achieve and maintain erections. It also makes the orgasms more pleasurable. As soon as I tell my clients this, you can always be assured of overtraining of the TVA.
* You can work the other abdominal muscles more effectively. You can’t shoot a cannon out of a canoe. You can’t have strong walls on your building if your foundation is weak. When you strengthen up the foundation of your mid-section you will be able to perform your other abdominal exercises with more focused intensity. You will be able to feel the difference in weeks.
* Athleticism- The TVA is the deepest abdominal muscle group there is. It is truly the core the core. An athlete can have an excellent cardiovascular condition and have strong leg and back muscles, but if his core muscles aren’t in optimal condition, this creates a weak link in the bodies muscle chain that affects all his movements. All movements and reactions start at the core. If core muscles don’t do their job to stabilize and move the torso, then arm and leg muscles will overcompensate, trying to do a job for which they are ill-equipped.
To get in tune with and activate your TVA simply place your hands on the sides of your body at your pelvis. Flatten your stomach by gently pulling in your gut, or pulling your belly away from your waistband. You can feel the TVA at work as it reduces the diameter of your torso in that area. This simple exercise also demonstrates the involvement of the abs in respiration, particularly exhalation.
I have put on an incredibly unique twist to this exercise. The combination of two little-known exercises takes the effectiveness of this core exercise to the next level. Basically, I have combined an ab vacuum with a kegel squeeze. Most women know what a kegel squeeze is. In childbirth, it gets the lower pelvic floor muscles stronger which aid in the pushing for childbirth. For men, when trying to perform a kegel squeeze, think about stopping the flow of urine mid-stream while pulling your belly-button back toward your spine. Also, try to think about squeezing your sphincter muscles or like you have a quarter between your butt cheeks and you don’t want it to fall out.
Now let’s perform the exercise
To begin, lie on your back with your knees bent at a 90, feet flat on the floor and the small of your back pushed flat into the floor. Take in a very slow long breathe and start to slowly exhale æ of your air while you are pulling your belly button down toward your spine (I like to put my index finger on my belly-button and feel it raise as I take the long breathe in and then feel it start downward as I exhale æ of my lung capacity). While at the same time pushing your lower back into the floor and drive your chin down toward your chest slightly. Once you have æ of your air out hold your breathe and suck in through your throat with your breathe being held for 5-10 seconds. As you are holding your breath and sucking in, think about pulling your innards up and under your rib-cage. It is called the ab vacuum for a reason, it is a little hard to come out of it and resume your normal breathing. But you will, and once you do relax and take a couple breathes and repeat. Starting out do 1 set of 6-9 repetitions, 2-3 times per week.
You can do the ab vacuum anywhere, and need no equipment. It’s a great way to wake up or to end your day. It will take lots of practice and each week you will be able to feel the muscles working more and more. Once you get good at the technique you will be able to feel a Ω circle burning sensation in the pubic area. Don’t be alarmed, just feel good about mastering one of the most unique and effective abdominal exercises out there. Please don’t give up on this exercise, once you master it you will be able to reverse gravity, and start to put back in place what years of inactivity and bad posture have started to let hang over your belt line.
For more information, maximized results visit www.fimswomen.com, follow Fitness Is My Sickness on Facebook for recipes and workout videos.

Interview with nutrition coach Danielle Jones

Hi, guys I had an opportunity to check out Danielle Jones of Dareme_Danielle a rising nutrition coach who is taking home meal prepping to another level!!

The interview questions: I know you love health & women’s wellness, but tell me what’s your expertise?

My expertise is coaching women through the eating portion of their health journey. I work to ensure they are eating nutrient-rich food, not just what we have deemed “healthy”. I give variety & take healthy meals for dull to delicious! I offer nutritional coaching & menus to assist in their weight loss journey or help in their journey to maintain what they have already lost.

Why & how did you get started?

I got started because one day my husband & I️ will begin trying to conceive a little one. Since I am on the older side of childbearing age I wanted to make sure my body was healthy & clear of all the unhealthy things I’ve input into it. Once I begin to learn how eating can assist in preventing so many health issues that some of my family & friends have struggled with, I wanted to share the information with whoever would listen. I specialize in women because I can relate to the struggles & know about the insecurities we have. I know how important it is for us as caregivers to be healthy for ourselves & for our family!

What are 5 tips for women who are tired of the everyday meal prep?

  • 1. Season your food with herbs. A lot of people don’t think to season because they are trying to stay healthy & are laying off the sodium. Herbs are good for you & take those healthy meals for Dull to delicious!
  • 2. Make alternating meals so you don’t get bored with the same lunch every day. Monday Wednesday have the same & Tuesday Thursday have something different. Make it fun on Friday.
  • 3. Make your meals colorful. Have a least 3 colors in each meal. This makes it appetizing not only to eat but to your eyes as well. Eating colorful foods also adds more nutrients to each meal.
  • 4. Get creative. Every meal doesn’t have to have rice. Quinoa has a lot more nutrients. Kale tastes better, to some, when it’s cooked so try a cooked kale salad. Think low calorie but also think of nutrient-rich foods.
  • 5. Treat yourself. Think of your favorite unhealthy food & try to make a healthy alternative. Just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have what you like. Also, if you want a sweet treat, get a small piece of dark chocolate, fun or bite size. Eat it slow & enjoy it. Having one piece will not take away from your weight loss goals & it will kill a craving that will soon decrease once you start eating healthy regularly.

What are your next goals?

My next goals. I want to continue to help women make better eating choices by proving delicious meal plans. I also plan to have a cooking session with a few ladies where I️ cook & they taste to give them a better idea of how herbs really make a difference when cooking. I️’m also looking to start a podcast, about health & wellness, women in business, & overall women empowerment, very soon so be on the lookout for that!

Email: DareMe.danielle@gmail.com

Instagram: dareme_danielle

Facebook page: Dare me, Danielle

5 Health Benefits of Strawberries

If you’re not already a fan of strawberries, you should be. Strawberries are among the most popular berries consumed worldwide. Strawberries are called ‘the queen of fruits’ in Asian countries because it’s packed with health benefits. Nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidants (like vitamin C), strawberries offer a wide range of health benefits, some of which may surprise you. Listed below are 5 reasons you should have strawberries in your diet.



1. Cardiovascular Health:

Strawberries are amazing for heart health. They contain ellagic acid and flavonoids which improve heart health through their antioxidant effects. They also counteract the effects of low-density lipoprotein or LDL (the bad cholesterol in our blood which causes plaque build-up in the arteries), thus lowering the risk of heart disease.

2. Weight Loss:

Strawberries are low in sugar, calories, sodium, and are fat-free. The natural sugars contained in strawberries are  4 grams per serving. They also contain nitrates which promote blood flow and oxygen throughout the body, resulting in weight loss. Nitrates also prevent fatigue in muscles after a  workout.

3. Pre-natal Health:

Strawberries are a good source of folate, a B vitamin required by pregnant women or those trying to conceive. Folate is vital in the early stages of pregnancy for the development of the baby’s brain, skull, spinal cord, and for the prevention of certain birth defects.

4. Anti-ageing:

Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C which is involved in the production of collagen. By fighting the free radicals, it provides anti-aging benefits, thereby reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and minimizing blemishes.

5. Cancer Prevention:

Vitamin C in strawberries helps in cancer prevention by boosting our immunity. They also contain a phytochemical called ellagic acid which has anti-cancer properties that suppress cancer cell growth.

BGRSD speech and award acceptance



It felt like the grammy’s honestly. I knew that I was going to be honored and would receive an
award, but as soon as they began to introduce me I became nervous as hell. What many of you
don’t know about me is that deep down inside I’m that same little girl from the deep south who
is crazy afraid of crowds and I have to literally give myself a pep talk when it comes to parties,
baby showers, ummm and even workshops and seminars! With that being said I talked myself
out of attending the event at least a couple dozen times. Funny how my better half could see
the uneasiness in my face in the up and coming hours until show time and dismissed every
excuse I uttered.

So the presenter said something to the effect of, “Introducing to some and mentioning to
others The TransformHer owner/operator of Fitness Is My Sickness and what seemed like a run
from the audience on The Price is Right I scurried down to the stage. I must admit the beginning
was a bit similar to a pair of knobby knees but as I began to share my journey, my why, my
passion the knobby-kneed speech transitioned into smooth sailing. I’ll attach my acceptance
speech down below, watch it and let me know what you think.

What happened is the epitome of exactly what this Fit lifestyle embodies. It gave me courage,
my life flashed before my eyes as I rushed that stage and I thought to myself hell, if I could stay
determined, encouraged and display pure grit for over five years building this business and in
my own personal fitness journey I was going to make this acceptance speech my BITCH and that
my dear hearts is what I did! Well, not quite but my message was well received.

Needless to say, the night was epic and I felt like I am really making a difference in the lives of
women within the community and in the interim I realized there is more work to be done! I
want women like you to realize that a healthy lifestyle and an exercise regimen gives you
courage, affords you determination and the ability to make anything in life your BITCH!

7 Tips on how to start a fitness program

Do you workout but would like to be more effective?  Here are 7 great tips on how to become effective with your workout routine.

                  Would you like to be a woman who is in shape? Here are 7 great tips on how to become an effective fitness woman:
  1. Get a program that will best suit you. Every fitness plan is different, just like every woman is different. You may have surgical history where a program may not be suited for you. Always consult a qualified trainer to make sure that the fitness program will not hurt you and that you will achieve optimum results. If the fitness program is not for you, it will only be a cause of frustration and injuries. At Fitness is my sickness we have qualified trainers who can guide you via online or in person at our all women’s brick and mortar fitness studio.

  2. Set realistic targets. Wouldn’t you be frustrated if you set your mind into reshaping your body in a month? Make sure that the body you prefer in a period of time is achievable and realistic. The program should also be practical and will not give you false hopes. It is important to be aware of a few stumbling blocks and set up ways with your qualified coach on how to overcome them. Let’s be real here fitness is hard, but it’s worth it! This will help you know what program is going to help you beast out your goals. And once a program has been reached, then you can set goals and timelines that are realistic, achievable and healthy.

  3. Exercises should work on the parts of your body where you want to increase muscle meanwhile decreasing fat. The reason mainly is, when you develop muscles, you burn more calories and then you lessen the fat cells in your body. Multi-joint exercises and weight lifting are recommended. Learn what exercises work on certain parts of your body. Multi-joint exercises are also said to be effective but time-saving. At FIMS we are big on weightlifting because it is an amazing way to build strength for your lower back, knees, and hips which are usually problem areas for women.

  4. Be systematic on working on your muscles. Your muscles should be working harder over time. Repeating the same sets of exercises and same weight without getting your muscles to work harder will not give satisfactory results. You can record your daily results and make the progression based on your previous data. A daily log will also motivate you since you are able to track how far you have gone. It builds confidence since there is a written proof something that was successfully accomplished.Take pictures too, they speak volumes overtime!

  5. Perform a set of exercises in 10 repetitions. Every number that was accomplished is called a repetition. Try to make every repetition with less momentum as much as possible. The lesser the momentum, the harder your muscles work. And the harder they work, the bigger they become. To check if there is much momentum when lifting, see if the arm is floating. If the arm does float, then there is a lot of momentum.

  6. Be flexible and perform a variety of exercises. Every exercise program should have a variety. You can change your exercises, goals, and sets every month to keep you motivated and on the go. Doing this will help you prevent being bored and losing energy physically and mentally. We love to switch things up to keep our ladies motivated and coming back for more!

  7. Be Motivated! The best way to keep the energy levels of trainees is to allow a healthy competition and allow them to have a sense of control. Having control is having the sense of ownership where everybody gets a part in implementing a program. To do this you also need to be consistent in demonstrating your skills. Not all programs work for all types of women. There is no workout that is best for everyone. But you learn from experienced people, like the FIMS trainers what is most effective.




This fitness queen is encouraging more women to put their health first

This Woman Turned Her Sickness Into Fitness

This fitness queen is encouraging more women to put their health first

Posted by NowThis Her on Friday, August 11, 2017

Fitness is my sickness and it’s catching on!


Military Mutual’s, Derek Barksdale, joins us with CEO of Fitness Is My Sickness Women’s Training, Danielle King, to talk about helping women fight depression and reach their fitness goals.

College Area gym inspiring service members

SAN DIEGO – Military service members, spouses, and veterans are flocking to a gym in the college area.

It is called Fitness is My Sickness. It is not uncommon for people to show up upset, but a dose of “Coach D” seems to snap them out of it.

Jenna Lockett said the former cop is a tough coach.

“She takes prisoners!” Lockett added. “She pushes us to the ultimate.”

Lockett says she saw a lot during her time in the Navy, and the gym has helped her push through. More trying times came as she became a military spouse and was alone for long periods of time.

Read the complete article at : http://www.10news.com/news/college-area-gym-inspiring-service-members-community