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We are women's gym based in San Diego, CA and offer a multitude of fun and motivating classes that allow you to workout alone or with friends. Our trainers are highly qualified and will make sure you achieve your goals!

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Enjoy our progressive programs and trainers to help you transform your body and health. We offer a full weight room, multiple cardio machines, personal training, group classes, and child care to help you meet your fitness goals.

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Stop Wishing. Start Doing.

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BMI Calculator Chart

BMI Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 - 24.9 Healthy
25.0 - 29.9 Overweight
30.0 - and Above Obese
* BMR Metabolic Rate / BMI Body Mass Index

Calculate Your BMI

Convert your weight to kg: Weight in lbs divided by 2.2. (Example: 150lb/2.2 = 68kg). Convert your height to cm: Height in inches x 2.54. (Example: 60in x 2.54 = 152.4cm).

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