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Giselle Chaparro


The birth of my son, in November of 2017, inspired me to pursue a career as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Like most mom’s, I was focused on losing the baby weight and quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. Especially since I had put on an extra 50 pounds. I have always been active and worked out my entire adult life but having my son changed my body composition. It took nearly an entire year to lose all the baby weight. Through the process, I became passionate about strength training. Losing the excess baby weight by developing muscle mass helped me regain my confidence. I have since realized my passion to help other women through their own fitness journey. I want to help women achieve their fitness goals and step out of their comfort zone. The gym can be an intimidating place for women. I want to make sure I help them feel comfortable in those environments by providing them with quality strength training that shows results. I also want our members to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that stems from working towards their goals and achieving them. Fitness is a part of my life now and it brings such a positive outlook to everything I do. I truly love helping people and being a trainer gives me that opportunity.

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